The PoR (Partner of Record) aka Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) in Office 365 is explained clearly on the official Microsoft page here

*“The Digital Partner of Record for an Office 365, CRM Online, Intune, or Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription is the partner who is helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage a solution that they’ve built on the service. It is not the partner who sold the subscription.”

This is a hugely important statement by Microsft, they are recognizing that the old school license providers (LARS) no longer get to have their cake and eat it too. The born in the cloud solution providers such as GTconsult are the partners who are driving consumption and forging real solutions in the cloud have the right to be rewarded for this effort and thus be Partner of Record.

As Partner of Record partners are rewarded by Microsft and are also at time entitled to funding to assist you with your journey to the cloud or creating cloud solutions.

So make sure that you have the correct partner signed up for your Partner of Record and not just the company you bought the license from that you will only see again in a years’ time when it’s time to renew. Do the right thing and get maximum benefit from your Partner of Record.

To view how to change your Partner of Record check this guide from Microsoft[