Twas a cold, Tuesday night. The children were gathered around the fireplace eagerly awaiting their bedtime story. Little did they know, it was something that would scare them right down to their core.

Many have seen or even experienced this horror. A link that doesn’t work, a landing page that is truly ugly, poor folder management, the list goes on and on… But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us dive in.

We start our story where most experiences begin… the landing page. The landing page is meant to be a beautiful user experience for the end user but this was truly horrific.

When we navigated to this landing page, a few things were evident. There was no thought process behind the design, it consisted of a logo stretched across the screen, hundreds of quick links and a colour theme that did not match anything. We thought this was the most terrible thing we have ever experienced, little did we know this was just the start.

We scrolled down the landing page and stumbled across a note from the Director dated February 2011 so we decided to investigate the post and upon clicking on it, we could see that this was bigger than we thought it could be!

We scrolled down to the quick links and noticed that there was no effort in the design process.

It was simply just links. There were no icons, no colour, just a lazy attempt at creating a site.  We clicked on the policy icon and we’re taken to a library that shocked us.

In the “Policy” library, we found documents such as brand guidelines, salaries, corporate identities and design guidelines. Clearly their document management is a nightmare so we decided to delve deeper and go through the 2019 folder. In addition to finding these documents, there was NO COLUMNS to filter the documents. So there is no way possible to find out what was happening and which were the correct documents.

After what felt like 1000 clicks, we arrived at the last folder only to find lol.jpg.

So after that harrowing experience, we were shaken up. We decided to head back to the home page and view the calendar. So we scrolled down and clicked on an item and lo and behold, the calendar has not been updated for years. There are old events from 2004 still showing up!

At this point, we knew that there was only one group of people that could help us. The support team. So we clicked on the support link and were greeted with the image below.

This is not the experience you should have when it comes to SharePoint. It should be simple, stunning and effective. We know that users do not want to see an ugly landing page or click 1000 times to get to their destination. Your landing page should look something like this.

Our A Team is constantly striving to make the best landing pages and make user experiences amazing.

If you are suffering with a SharePoint nightmare or been challenged with any of these issues, contact our A Team and let’s make it awesome again!