Work from anywhere anytime

With service providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon one really doesn’t need to operate their workspaces on a single computer anymore.

In some cases, it requires a bit of effort to set up an environment, but this is getting easier.

In other cases, it just takes a good smartphone and a solid internet connection and anyone can work anytime, anywhere.

Common office work functions can be done through the internet (even this word is outdated now. ahem it shall now be referred to as the cloud.) It helps to have a laptop, but websites and online services are adapting more rapidly to mobile devices. Fair enough, a larger screen is nicer to work on. Also it is much easier to work with a keyboard than a touch screen.

Working logistics

But the above concersn are not holding us back though. There are apps available that allow us to receive emails on our phone, store files accessible across devices and even synchronize your browsing history. The latter is available through browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Email apps are not new, but it’s definitely improving. Receiving emails just got better with Google’s Inbox app (GMail enhancement) and work emails through Microsoft Outlook.

With Office 365, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can be created and shared online with OneDrive without even sitting down.

Nor do you have to be standing in a coffee shop. Heck you could be in the Kruger National Park capturing scientific data on spreadsheet, then share it with your colleague sailing across the ocean in the Volvo Race while your buddy collaborates from the International Space Station.

All in real time.

Coming back down to earth

A basic example is my life. My computer at home runs AnyDesk while my Raspberry uses RealVNC which I can then access from my Android smartphone. I have a personal Microsoft account with 5 Gb of OneDrive space and a GMail account with 15 Gb of space. That’s plenty to create an integrated network across the planet.

There are some excellent solutions if you are willing to pay the money. But if you want to be free (as in free beer or free lunch), you can still do this without paying too much (internet access still costs money). At a personal level, Google is your friend. From a business perspective, Microsoft is better.