Here at GTconsult, we recently had some fun with building a culture around our brand. Our content marketing maven, Melinda Morales, set upon the daunting task of getting the C-suite to tap into their creative juices and brainstorm what the GTconsult brand means to them.

After some exercises to establish what drives us at the core of GTconsult, and some very interesting power words (crisp, really?), we were able to establish a brand statement that serves as a promise to both our internal teams and customers alike.

GTconsult has always been a little different. In fact, our founders formed GT with the intention to better the consultant/customer relationship in the land of SharePoint. They recognized the need for simplification of the way solutions were built and deployed to avoid the pit of doom that SharePoint customization projects had become.

We hope to remain a brand that stands out amongst the crowd through our expertise, fun and friendly attitudes and of course the fact that we are just plain AWESOME (and humble, obviously).

To our current and future customers, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best and you can expect no less throughout every interaction.

We <3 you!