One of the fundamental principles of economics is that  countries need to play on the world stage. They need to open themselves up to international companies who are seeking new business partners and who wish to deliver a product in a market where there is significant demand.

One of the biggest technology players in the world is Microsoft, and as pointed out in July 2017, the technology giant has its eye set on the South African market.

The South African government has acknowledged this and has welcomed the company with open arms, paying specific attention to the company’s cloud offering.

Dr Setumo Mohapi, CEO of the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) has confirmed a master agreement to standardize all government departments and institutions on Office 365.

Why is this so great?  Well simply put, South African government departments have not always been on the cutting edge of technology and quick on premise deployments which were costly, delayed, and exceptionally complex.

“With the Microsoft cloud, and leveraging Azure and Office 365, all government departments will soon have the ability to leverage cutting edge technology but also integrate with each other safely and securely.  Imagine the benefits of departments not long working as silo’s but across divisions?  This could have a major effect on crime, queues and economic growth,” says Bradley Geldenhuys, Co-founder and CEO of GTconsult.

GTconsult is looking forward to embracing the change with government and providing the much needed assistance with rollout and bringing South Africa into the forefront of digital age.

What does this mean for GTconsult? We are already a Microsoft valued business partner, so this will give us an opportunity to cultivate that business relationship and possibly elevate it to the next level.

When Microsoft wants to expand into Africa, it will want to do so with the assistance of business partners who they know they can trust. GTconsult is not only a proudly South African company, but is a proudly African company. When Microsoft feels it wants to spread its wings into  Africa, we will be on hand to assist proving that Government departments are not tough nuts to crack.