I hear this term a lot lately. People or companies are referring themselves to SharePoint Solution Providers.

Even if you start typing SharePoint into Google search, Solution Providers are then provided to you as the top option.

In essence, a SharePoint Solution Provider is a simple self-explanatory answer, they will provide you with solutions built on SharePoint.

Times have changed

However, times have changed, and so has SharePoint.

SharePoint no longer is a standalone framework or platform that can be configured, developed, modified and tweaked to provide a solution. No, my dear friends, SharePoint has been around for well over a decade and has gone through its ugly teenage years and made some long lasting friends who have skills and talents of their very own.

A SharePoint solution provider now can drop the word SharePoint and simply call themselves Solution Providers. Why do you think I dare be so bold? It is simple, I am confident that SharePoint has left the primordial ooze of being a document management system and can claim its birthright in the cyber industry as a fully-fledged solution platform that allows for the ease of communication and the enablement of productivity or all business’

The hybrid era

In a hybrid era, the huge improvements of cloud technology and simple integration solutions that have been built on, and around, the SharePoint platform have become the norm.

Currently, business requirements change so quickly that long development life cycles and costly custom coded deliverables are no longer feasible.

Rapid response

SharePoint Solution Providers can spin up instances of the platform in seconds, deploy ready reusable solutions, and integrate into thousands of other applications in minutes. Mobile solutions are just as easy leveraging PowerApps and workflow solutions leveraging Flow and Logic Apps with now code philosophy is enterprise-ready and reliable.

So, I know why the term SharePoint Solution Provider is so popular or as pop culture would say so Hot right now and it’s a legitimate viewpoint.

And while there are plenty posers out there, it’s easy to find the real deal; ask them to show you what they have done and how long it will take them to do that same job for you. I know that’s how we do it here at GTconsult.