Is it possible to get the best of SharePoint sent straight via email? Yes it is.

So, I receive an email every day which has a SharePoint landing page. this email is loaded with updated information and allows me to see what’s happening in the business.

This can be accessed on my phone anywhere in the world and is based off all the information we have already setup in SharePoint and other integrations.

I do not tell you a lie!

Sharing it with the world

AT GTconsult, we believe in helping companies achieve their fullest potential. We have created a scheduled mailer that creates a beautiful looking email that represents your company landing page. This page is loaded with daily important information which can be sent to users to access in their inbox, be it on the move or at their desk.>We have long foreseen the issue with an amazing SharePoint intranet landing page.

The page takes a long time to create, especially if one has done so for mobile and tablet use.

The information displayed on the page is dynamic and those data sources took forever to be located, data cleansed and filtered for display. The images were hand picked and updated by marketing to give the page depth and a personal feel.

And be it in the office or working from home, the intranet is a place of solace; a location where everyone goes to collaborate effectively, gain valuable information and be more productive.

Potential issues

However, away from a desktop or large screen, this landing page is almost always impossible to access. Here are some potential issues faced with an Intranet Landing page.

  • External Access – Intranets may not be exposed to the outside world, and therefore impossible to access via a mobile phone;
  • Authentication – While in the office, authentication may be setup and passthrough – away from the office authentication is probably not. This leads to constant annoying popups;
  • Mobility – If a site has not been designed for mobile, it will basically not work for mobile and the entire experience will be impossible; and
  • Push vs Pull – An intranet does not update you when something is new. You will need to go to the intranet to see new items

Simple resolution

All of these issues are resolved in one magnificent email. We create a scheduled email that is based on all the information critical to your business, Information that you need know on a daily basis and push this to your users.

They get the wonderful experience of seeing everything in one place and being able to react and plan accordingly.

Your SharePoint has never been more mobile, more interactive and more adopted as a platform for collaboration ever.

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