We have been assisting Mozart Ice Cream with their Digital Transformation journey and with their expansion have many new stores opening. They wanted an easy way to let staff know when they were on shift and can update the schedule quickly and easily. Basically, they wanted to create a shift schedule for each of their retails stores as a template so they could make it part of their store onboarding process. We thought the best way to do this was crack open excel and start with a template. When opening excel one can browse for many a template and while they were all pretty fancy with loads of options we needed something easier and cleaner. So, we spent an hour building our own one and the feature image of this post is what we came up with.

We created several shifts over the week to allow for at last 2 or 3 days off and a maximum of 40 hours of work per week. We added a few variables in for Date and Employee and now this template can be used for all stores with 3 employees that run from 9AM till 8PM. With a rotating 3 week schedule this is a pretty straight forward way to manage shifts and can be imported into SharePoint as a Shared Calendar or emailed out to everyone to view on their mobile device easily.

However, we didn’t feel that this was “Digital Transformation“. This was more along the lines of making an old school manual system in a digital format which means it takes up the same amount of time and has almost zero automation besides the variables. So, we decided to crack open the Office 365 premium suite of tools Mozart had to offer and found a really cool app called StaffHub which is a mobile application that manages staff schedule’s, reminds them when to be at work, allows for shift changes and managers have full control.

Now this, is Digital Transformation! We are really looking forward to introducing StaffHub throughout the Mozart Franchise to help deskless workers with their daily shifts, internal communication and so Mozart can focus on feeding you delicious Ice Cream and not worry about creating Excel shift schedules any longer.