Administration is the bane of any company’s existence. If you want to find the most frustrated person in any office, look for the person in charge of admin.

We have noticed internally at GTconsult that we would spend a huge amount of time drawing up quotes and proposals for clients.  We understand that proposals are extremely important as it is the final step before a client accepts, and can make or break the deal; however, the time we were spending on the proposals just never seemed to add value.  It felt like an endless tedious cycle of coping and pasting information we already had used before for 80% of the proposal, and customizing the other 20% for the client.

We then created our own SharePoint proposal builder which was great.  However, this process had a few quirks which saved us some time in generating the proposal but lost us time editing it after.

GTconsult decided to see what the internet had to offer.  After analysing a number of options, we ended up using Proposify. They had integration into Xero and Hubspot which meant the company was ready to go.

GTconsult has setup a number of templates for each region, product and service and completed almost all of the standard information which was manually completed before.  Now, when a client requests a quote for almost any product or service, we can modify the proposal quickly and send it off the client via email who can accept and sign electronically.

When a client accepts the proposal, this then sets up an invoice on Xero which is saved and waits for approval from the finance team.  HubSpot is updated to reflect the deal has been won so that sales staff do not need to update two different locations.  PowerBI graphs that we have in SharePoint are then updated to show the client has accepted the proposal and the sales team’s targets are then adjusted.

All of these integrations took less than a day to implement and work exceptionally well when used in SharePoint via PowerBI.  This closed loop system has saved a massive amount of time throughout the business, which internally gives GTconsult to focus on productivity…ie: having more time to dedicate to our clients and their needs.