Partnerships are important in the growth of any company as collaborations increases a company’s product/service offering as well as their skill set.

GTconsult is pleased to announce that it has recently teamed up with Preact, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 UK-based Gold Partner that offers several solutions within the CRM environment.

Key offerings.

Working with small and mid-sized organisations, Preact provides support to clients across Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications including:

  • A range of implementation packages enabling organisations to complete an initial deployment of Dynamics 365 at a fixed price;
  • Managed Service. Supporting clients in making continual improvements to their Dynamics system and leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform through training, implementing change requests, technical consultancy and development tasks;
  • System take on. Preact has a proven track record in taking on existing Dynamics 365 projects and quickly improving performance through robust support and technical expertise; and
  • Licencing Advisory Service. Reviewing Dynamics 365 usage to confirm the correct licence type for each user and avoid unnecessary costs for functionality that isn’t needed.

For a full list of Preact’s service offering, visit www. for more info.

“The partnership with Preact is exciting because it increases our expertise and exposes us to the CRM market, something that we always look to grow our expertise in. Getting closer to customers is what GTconsult is about,” said Bradley Geldenhuys, CEO and Co-Founder of GTconsult.

“We are delighted to welcome GTconsult as our latest trusted partner. Whilst their core focus is around Modern Workplace what is exciting for Preact and our customers is their services around security assessments, in particular “Hacking as a Service”, identifying vulnerabilities across a company’s entire IT landscape. Cyber security is a concern for all size of business and our new alliance means we are able to increase our service offering to enhance our Managed Service portfolio,” said Ian Turner, Alliance Manager of Preact. “Furthermore, we are looking forward to offering our Customer Engagement expertise to GTconsult and their customers”.