I think we have all longed-for Microsoft to come up with a sharepoint migration tool. While I love our partners who have made tools for this very purpose in the past, paying extra for something that should have a free version is always a bit of a kick in the teeth. I believe in paying more for quality, value and convenience not necessity. I think the partners who have innovated and created more value to their migration products will thrive in the new model. Those that haven’t will be on the back foot.  So the Microsoft SharePoint Migration tool has been much anticipated, a great way for client to migrate to the cloud for free and leverage Office 365 new features and capabilities.

This is my experience with the SharePoint Migration tool version

The download URL felt very phishy – [https://hrcppestorageprod.blob.core.windows.net/migrationtool/default.htm]– this might be because its still in BETA![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool URL]

When agreeing to the terms and clicking Install for the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool I got the following popup.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool warning]

The following put me at ease after seeing Publisher was in fact Microsoft Corporation and the Name is SharePoint Migration Tool![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool install confirmation]

Installing Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool which was a 14,6 MB download, rather small in comparison to partner products.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool install]

After installing the following screen was presented where I needed to select a source, choose a destination and Go!![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool welcome]

I selected next and was prompted for my Office 365 login details![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool signin]

Where is your data? We can now select from 3 different sources and a File Share and SharePoint are obvious, the CSV option might need some unpacking.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool source choice]

Let’s start with SharePoint on-premises, and notice that only SharePoint 2013 is supported right now?![]

I am then requested to add in my SharePoint 2013 login details![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool signin]

I had to select the data I wanted to migrate and the site location. I could only choose document library’s no actual sites.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool source and destination picker]

I can now migrate all document to the desired location by clicking Migrate![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool Destination Picker]

Unfortunately, I got the following error![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool error]

I had to start the SharePoint Migration tool and add my login detail again. It did remember my session so that was good, I didn’t need to add everything again.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool Migration Queue]

Unfortunately running the migration again ended in the same issue.![Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool application error]

So yes this tool is for now, still in BETA and we look forward to a working version very soon.

Testing the Shared Folder file migration method worked btw, however this was possible with File Explorer and drag and drop methods before this tool so no major breakthrough there.

Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool Finished

If you are looking to use a tool or another approach check out our SharePoint Migration content pack