On behalf of GTconsult, I wish all our clients, partners, colleagues and even competitors happy holidays.

It’s been a roller coaster year for us, and since its ending on the up, we wanted to share a little GT flavour with everyone.

I have never understood why we didn’t do a summer Christmas theme here in South Africa. The sun shines bright here in December,
and I’m pretty sure Santa would be enjoying a braai and his elves would be stealing a cold Castle and be jauling on the beach.

So we decided to make this a reality. And to keep it relevant to GTconsult and our Enabling Productivity, we have four amazing wallpapers
showcasing when to use what in Office 365 to collaborate and how Santa, the elves, and maybe even the Grinch celebrate Christmas in South Africa.

“From everyone here at GTconsult, have a wonderful holiday season

and a very happy new year.”

– Bradley Geldenhuys, CEO, GTconsult