Capturing and storing of personal information today is a very delicate process and requires significantly more attention than it did in the past.

Most companies have this information located in many pockets across their network, which will land them in very hot water if not handled correctly. This is particularly true when the Protection of Private Information (POPI) Act gets passed where companies have to have defined locations where information is stored in a safe and secure manner.

GTconsult, South Africa’s fastest growing technology consultancy business, understands this and sees many of its clients in need of assistance to get them straightened up. They have searched and evaluated many best of breed products and found one solution that was head and shoulders above the rest.

It is in this light that GTconsult is proud to announce its business partnership with fellow technology administration mogul TermSet.

Just how much time is spent by companies who need to scour for information? According to the TermSet website, 80% of most organisations information is stored in office documents, but only 20% of this information can be found easily by employees. Employees waste 30% of the workday searching for this content.

“We needed a partner that could assist us to classify content for search and POPI requirements. I have known Stewart Connors for many years and followed TermSet’s progress throughout the company’s evolution. They are in my opinion the best in this space and will benefit our customers massively with their innovative tool set,” said Bradley Geldenhuys, co-founder and CEO of GTconsult.

TermSet has developed 2 ground breaking products that use Artificial Intelligence.

ScanR Identify and retrieve GDPR Personal Identifiable Information within documents stored in multiple systems.

Quickly responding to Right to be forgotten or Subject Matter requests; TagR Automatically applies Metadata and Taxonomies to content stored within SharePoint. Further, the services enriches search capabilities and accelerators large complex content migrations to SharePoint O365.

“We are delighted to have GTconsult as our key partner covering the South African region. I have worked with GTconsult for many years with my previous company and I am excited to be working with them again. They will be responsible for delivering our projects into South Africa helping customers transform document compliance, search and complex migrations,” said **Stewart Connors TermSet CEO.

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