Open any IT related article in the media and it will no doubt contain some troubling information about the state of cyber security in a world that is being ever increasingly influenced – or controlled – by technology.

Microsoft has recently voiced its concerns about what it describes one of the greatest risks facing companies in the modern age. Recent statistics show that cybercrime cost US citizens $3.5 billion in 2019. This is a significant increase from the $2.7 billion that cybercrime was worth in 2018 and the $1.4 billion that cyber crime was worth in 2017.

Increased focus
The enormity of the task facing companies is dire. Because of this, Microsoft has increased its focus on proving business partners with the relevant skills that will be necessary to address this challenge in the modern age.

One of the biggest competency’s that a Microsoft business partner can have is Microsoft’s latest security competency, Microsoft Gold Security. GTconsult has recently received this competency and is the one of the only companies in South Africa to receive this.

What does this mean?

Security risks are higher than ever, yet the skills needed to mitigate them are in short supply. That’s why the new Security competency recognizes partners who demonstrate deep expertise in designing, implementing, and managing customer security programs. Partners who attain the competency get access to benefits to help them differentiate their businesses, drive new leads, and grow their cloud security solutions revenue. - Microsoft

“From its inception, GTconsult has worked tirelessly to add value to its clients. Our continued focus on cybersecurity is something that GTconsult strongly believes in and we are aware that we have a responsibility to offer our clients the best protection possible. This can only be achieved if we increase our own skills and competencies. We look forward to providing you with the protection you need to secure your systems.” said GTconsult Co-Founder and CEO Bradley Geldenhuys.