As of 1 May 2018, GTconsult has officially opened its first UK office.

GTconsult has been successfully servicing UK clients since 2012 from its South African offices to take full advantage of their SharePoint and Office 365 licences.

“Its always been our plan to expand with local presence in the UK, we just had to find the right fit for our team. Further, we needed to ensure our business model was both attractive and scalable for the UK market,” said Bradley Geldenhuys, CEO of GTconsult.

He added that he thinks that the company, which is the fastest growing IT consultancy company in South Africa, has got all the right ingredients. Grant Ellis joins the company as Sales Director and has decades of experience in the UK and IT. “We also have an extremely attractive business model that is cost-effective massively scalable by leveraging a hybrid of resources based both in the UK and South Africa,” concluded Geldenhuys

GTconsult started in 2011 from Cape Town and has expanded to three locations in South Africa. The company has also opened an office in the USA by Enabling Productivity. This offers clients a low code no code development approach to workflow, business process and productivity solutions on the SharePoint and Office 365 platform.

“I am extremely excited about being appointed as GTconsult’s UK Sales Director as this next chapter for GTconsult’s is just the first step in our aggressive growth strategy for the UK. Our first priority is to firstly ensure that we provide a local presence to support and manage our existing and loyal customers but also to ensure GTconsult has the foothold for our UK growth plans. Our strategic partners are also pleased to see our commitment to the UK market and are already helping us with achieving our goals through various marketing activities and introducing GTconsult to their customers.” said Ellis

He added that GTconsult will be hosting a launch event at the Microsoft Office in London on 29 May. This will be an invitation-only event and space is limited. If anyone is interested in finding out more about how they can take advantage of their Office 365 and SharePoint platform. They can contact the company for more information.

To find out more about the GTconsult UK launch check out their Digital Workplace Invite Only event information