In a paperless world where it is convenient to pay for everything by card or by electronic funds transfer, crypto currency is the new wave that is taking the world by storm.

Is there actually any reason to hate Bitcoin; it’s faster, cheaper and more reliable than traditional currency. Because of this, it is completely disrupting the current financial institutions.

GTconsult has been an outspoken supporter of the Fourth Industrial Revolution because, quite simply, technology is changing the world. Additionally, we believe in innovation and don’t only talk the talk, we walk the walk.

We fully embrace change and push the envelope on a daily basis to ensure we have the experience and the know how to provide clients with the best consulting advice based off our learnings.

“This is just another way in which technology can improve efficiencies and business processes which will ultimately drive down costs. Streamlining business processes makes sense because it keeps every party in the value chain on the same page. Bitcoin is simple, painless and accessible, what more can our clients want?” asks Bradley Geldenhuys, Co-founder and CEO of GTconsult.

However, there is a risk associated with Bitcoin. As with any monetary transaction, crypto or otherwise, GTconsult implores its clients to remain vigilant and aware that cyber crime is a major issue.

We are in a digital world and it’s time we started leveraging a digital currency.  This allows for our customers to pay with ease no matter where they are in the world for our award winning services, solutions and products.