Fetola has grown rapidly, from a small consultancy into a recognised SME specialist with a national reach. We endeavour to set the standards for others to follow, and create long-term relationships with clients seeking something out of the ordinary.


Name: Fetola
Location: Plumstead, Cape Town
Industry: Business Development Services
Size: 30
Website: https://www.fetola.co.za
Contact: Simone Beukes

It’s simple really, we help people to grow the economy and create jobs, by building businesses that last.”

- Catherine Wijnberg, Fetola, CEO

What problem is the customer facing?

We had documents being created and housed in a shared server folder, no live collaboration, version control etc and ultimately, no central point to communicate information.

What have they done to resolve the issue?

We have leveraged SharePoint on Office 365 and took advantage of the Hub Intranet.

What other products or services were you using ?

We were making use of OneDrive and Teams on Office 365.

How did you find GTconsult?

We were referred to GTconsult through Philippe Morin.

Why did they go with GTconsult Services/Solution?

Through the recommendation of Philippe and our needs requirements, this seemed like a good fit.

Enabled By GTconsult

Fetola approached GTconsult to facilitate their requirement of creating a single repository for all company information and documentation. The implementation of this was a blend of solutions including and Intranet (The HUB), creation of TEAMS groups across the company, Project sites and a Document & Content Management system.  

All these solutions were blended into one single system.


One month to build and implement.

Team Used:

GTconsult A Team Development.

Thoughts on GT

"GTconsult were very friendly, professional and efficient.  They executed on the project and went above and beyond to assist us and make recommendations."

Simone Beaukes, Fetola.

GTconsult Team Quotes

"Working with the FETOLA team was phenomenal. They a vibrant bunch of professionals who consistently have a clear and concise vision of where and how they'd like to move their operation within the technical realm. "

–  Justin Keeble, Project Manager, GTconsult

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