Owners and managers of businesses go to work to achieve one thing; they work to believe that the doors of the business will open in the morning…come what may. This simple business principle may seem basic and common sense in nature; however, it plays a larger influencing role than many businessmen and women care to admit.

This is because the above statement gives the business owner a sense of purpose. If you think back to when you started your own business, you had a drive and a purpose to forge your own path, to do things your way.

Perhaps this was because what motivated you was money, perhaps what motivated you was making a difference in your customers lives. We all have our own stories to tell when it comes to that motivation. But when it comes to the real reason, when we strip your motivation down to its bare parts, you left the company you were working for and because independent because you were pissed off with, or disillusioned by, a manager or boss you worked with.

Employees join companies, but they leave managers; plain and simple. If you left a company because you hated work, why did you start your own company?

In this first article of a series, we will focus on how to engage your employees effectively.
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