On-boarding new employees has never been easier, ensure that from day 1 your new employees are set up with IT assets, parking spaces, access to the correct buildings and most importantly access to their Mail boxes and SharePoint sites.

When your new hire joins they are eager to get going, equip them with the support and hardware they need from the very first day.

To ensure that all new employees are productive, they will need access to a computer, a desk to sit at, and a mailbox to work with, but that’s not all…. Have you thought of?

  • Access card to the correct buildings
  • Access to SharePoint sites to access and share content
  • Phone
  • Parking space
  • Access to printers and scanners
  • Additional HR forms that need to be completed
  • Medicals

A first day can be daunting but even more so when you have no equipment.

GT Solutions have developed a solution just for this, Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding that simplifies the process and streamlines the turn-around to ensure that you enable your new employees to be productive from the outset.

The off-boarding module will ensure that when an employee is ready to leave, you have recovered all company assets and documentation, allowing them to enjoy that farewell party without the need to fill on countless forms on the last afternoon.

For more information on the On-Boarding and Off-Boarding solution please contact sales@gtconsult.com