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Name: Clickatell
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Industry: FinTech
Size: 250 employees
Contact: Casper de Villiers

Founded in 2000, Clickatell is a B2B mobile technology market leader that enables startups, small-to-medium businesses and enterprises to connect, engage and transact with their customers. Clickatell’s platforms and solutions help brands reach over 85 percent of the world’s population, across more than 1,000 mobile network providers and multiple mobile channels. An established leader in mobile engagement and payments, Clickatell continues to pave the way for customer experiences in chat. We’re powering chat commerce by enabling brands to offer product and service purchases within chat.

What problem is the customer facing?

There was no auditable, simple way to ensure that all staff entering the business gets access to the correct systems. There was also no proper control to ensure staff leaving the business is de-provisioned from all company systems in an auditable, organised manner.

What have they done to resolve the issue?

Clickatell implemented GTconsult's Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench solution. This ensured we can connect to our current Active Directory solution to create proper workflows automation to allow the easy approval and implementation of giving the right staff access to the correct systems - with the proper approvals and controls.

What other products or services were you using ?

Clickatell were using Microsoft Excel to manage this in the past.

How did this solution help you and your business?

We now have an automated workflow that manage more than 300 tasks that was previously done manually in Microsoft Excel.

Why did they go with GTconsult Services/Solution?

The solution created by GTconsult could integrate with our current infrastructure (Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory).

Enabled By GTconsult

Our Joiners and Leavers SharePoint Workbench solution was integrated with Clickatell's 3rd party system called JIRA. Our solution was developed on Microsoft SharePoint Online. The solution creates a task in JIRA for the respective user to complete when onboarding a new staff member. The same or similar tasks are used for when a user is leaving the organisation. Tasks are sent to the relevent users to make sure everything is collected before the person leaves.


3 months, this includes change requests and custom development.

Team Used:

GTconsult A Team Development.

Return On Investment (ROI).

Clickatell mentioned that staff members can no longer ignore or delay their tasks and the onboarding process is now seamless and smooth. This has in turn allowed Clickatell to save time by automating their processes when an employee enters or exits their business.

Clickatell has also benefitted by having Microsoft's world-class security systems protecting their users, data and files due to our workbenches being built on SharePoint Online.

How did you find working with GTconsult?

"The regular engagement made it easy to implement and fine-tune the implementation. The team has a positive, friendly attitude."

- Casper De Villiers, Clickatell

Thoughts on GT

"GTconsult has the right mix of expertise and customer engagement to implement an effective solution to automate business processes."

- Casper De Villiers, Clickatell

GTconsult Team Quotes

It was my pleasure working with Clickatell. In addition to being happy with the Onboarding solution, Casper has also given us invaluable advice to enhance the solution. We look forward to launching phase 2 and helping them enable productivity in their business..

–  Nadine Augustine, Operations Manager, GTconsult

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