We started 2015 off with the plan to build better internal structures, ensure we could productize our creations and be the best SharePoint and Office 365 consultancy ever.

I totally believe we have created that powerhouse internal structure across the world now, with all the right people in the right positions, which will give us major traction into the 2016 year.

We have improved our Umlindi product as well as created a new product in SharePoint vitals that will take the world by storm in 2016, along with Agility and Attend we will furthermore improve our SharePoint catalog offerings.

The next big thing is for everyone in the company to ensure we are the best, it’s not something that can be done when only some believe, but everyone.  We have proven so many people wrong and have blown away the competition locally, now need to continue to be great and focus on our craft and our work ethic to take it that next level to be the best worldwide.

2015 has had a few ups and downs but we have learnt so much, we have made good choices and capitalized on those and are going to unstoppable in 2016.  Fasten your seatbelts because things are about to go into hyper drive and you are going to lovBrad 2016]