“This product is highly recommended for those looking for a toolset that will help bring that extra level of professiBoardPacks1/BoardPacks-1024x734.png)](/content/images/2015/11/BoardPacks.png)

A product validation report performed by Ron Charity evaluated the overall benefit and performance of Boardpacks, a more than meeting management tool from eShare.

Charity evaluated the product for a period of five days and shared experiences and ratings in areas ranging from first impressions to features and support. Providing an overall score of 4.75 out of 5, he states, “SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration whether it be for meetings or other forms of teamwork. Adding BoardPacks enriches SharePoint’s feature set offered to your organization by providing an intuitive interface to meeting manage accessible through common devices (tablets, laptops) available in organizations today.”

Hop on over to the ITUnity Review site: SharePoint Reviews and check out the full report.


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