Can BoardPacks Improve your meetings?

BoardPacks allows you to digitize your meetings and all the admin that goes with them. Whatever your role – board member, leadership team, manager or administrator – putting meetings and other information online, accessible on either laptop or tablet, will reduce the time finding or collating information, and increase productivity.

BoardPacks Features that make your life easier:

  1. Remote access across all devices, access all the information you need from anywhere on any device – securely.
  2. Interactive agenda, we work in a fluid and rapid environment where objectives and plans can change in minutes – you need your meetings to be managed the same way.
  3. Annotate your documents. BoardPacks has a variety of tools which allow for easy and quick annotation on all document types, write additions with your hand or stylist, type out notes and highlight sections.
  4. Allocate actions to members of the meeting and keep records of the progress.
  5. Presenter mode, manage the view that everyone gets an ensure that all attendees are on the same page.
  6. Voting tools allows you to pass votes before, during and after meetings.

Watch the BoardPacks Video here

If you would like a Demo of BoardPacks, send us a mail at and we will be happy to set a meeting with you .