Microsoft has made the decision to remove the option for new Azure customers to select the Pay as you go model, but don’t worry, customers still have the option if they go through a Microsoft cloud partner.

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A big drawing card for moving to Azure was the ability to only pay for what you use and scale as and when required by the business. Microsoft will not be taking this service away but instead they are choosing to leverage of their partners, there are a number of positives behind this move:

  • Cost management: Customers are finding it hard to navigate their monthly bills by themselves (It is known by many that Microsoft licenses and costs require a Masters degree to understand) With the introduction of using a Cloud Solutions Provider , the customer’s bill management will be handled by the partner.
  • Full service offering to be utilized: With the new customers taking to Azure we have found that they are only making use of a subset of services available, by allowing a CSP to assist in the management of the Azure subscription the customer will be introduce to the full benefits and offerings with Azure. Customers will soon be able to take full advantage of Azure.

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So when does this all come into effect? Well 1 February 2017 to be exact. If you are an existing Azure MPSA subscriber you can continue to manage your own account, the new model only effects new Azure customer.

To read more about this change you can access the official release here

If you have still have questions about this impending change or require pricing and assistance please feel free to reach out

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