At the core of the Microsoft strategy is to empower every individual and every organisation and Azure is helping them achieve this goal.

The four pillars that support this strategy are:

  1. Engaging with Customers
  2. Empowering every Employee
  3. Optimise your operations
  4. Transform your Products

Azure cloud is allowing companies today to free themselves of managing their own infrastructure.The majority of Small to Medium Businesses do not have in-house IT complements, Azure cloud is the perfect fit for these companies. It is a daunting task to figure out what suppliers to use, how to design your infrastructure and manage it. Azure offers turnkey services such as storage ad back up, virtual machines, and analytics to mention a few.

So how does Azure help me with Transforming my business?

You have the ability to access Infrastructure and Platform as a service, this means you do not need to hire staff to manage your environment and you have the flexibility to scale your environment as and when required, which of course has cost saving benefits.