African Unity Group is an investment company with a primary focus on investing in profitable businesses that operate in the financial services industry.


Name: African Unity
Location: Cape Town
Industry: Insurance
Size: Less than 50
Contact: Marietha Spies

At African Unity, we are progressive in our thinking, yet calculated in the management of our clients. We believe in offering Financial Advisors and clients products that are agile, easy to understand and valuable in every sense of the word.

What problem is the customer facing?

The status of onboarding clients cannot be tracked within AUL & the current process for tracking onboarding clients are to attend AUL’s weekly Onboarding Meeting.  AUL also does not have summarised dashboards, informing employees using the Group Scheme Workbench on the status of tasks allocated to them or any other user’s tasks related to the ticket.  With AUL’s current Group Scheme Workbench, there is also a lack of management reporting.

AUL does not consist of a formal cancellation process or a process, to review cancellation statuses.  When cancellation letters are sent to the client via emails, the AUL employees need to review and search for emails, in order to track the status of client’s cancellations.  If the scheme reports to FSCA, it is noted on the Agreement Register in Excel, which is a tedious manual process where involved parties are informed to follow through with the cancellation.  AUL needs to automate this process within the Workbench Improvement project.

What have they done to resolve the issue ?

Create a Group Scheme Workbench. With an optimised workbench, AUL employees will be able to view potential new clients & the status of their on-boarding process.  Automatic notifications will inform AUL employees of on-boarding initiatives.  This will ensure that time is optimised, as AUL employees no longer need to attend weekly on-boarding meetings.  The new dashboard will further support AUL employees to view uncompleted tasks, tasks in progress from other users, as well as the status of the ticket itself.  With the new cancellation process, automatic notifications will also be sent to involved users, once the status of cancellations have been finalised & AUL will have a documented process for every scheme that has been cancelled.

How did they find GTconsult?

Word of mouth.

Why did they go with GTconsult Services/Solution?

GTconsult offered us what we needed at that time. The previous company we used couldn't offer us face-to-face communication as the time zones where too different.

Enabled By GTconsult

African Unity required a solution to track onboarding and amendments in contracts and engagements with their business partners.  The complexity in an Insurance company comes in the management and setting up of schemes whereby the partner is either responsible for the management of its members and schemes or needs to be managed on their behalf by the African Unity. As such the tasks, assessment and actions need to be tracked and can be quite different for all parties involved.

GTconsult designed a workbench to track the tickets for New Business and Amendments to existing businesses, implementing exceptionally dynamic forms that dictated the underlying processes and creation of subtasks.  

The solution built on O365 used GTconsult’s GTforms to allow the dyanmic form generation whilst also allowing the communication between  multiple line of business applications and integrations points managed through Azure Logic Apps.


3months from beginning to end.

Team Used:

GTconsult A Team Development.

Issues Faced:

Line of Business Integration – With both On-premise and Online SQL integrations the solution relied on realtime access to the data.  A set of Logic App interfaces allowed the integration to be rapidly generated to allow population of data.

Complex form on SharePoint requiring many to many relationships, Lookups against Line of Business Applications and Lookups to other list in other SharePoint sites need to be handled.  The team used GTform to allow this complexity to be managed and allowing rest api search integration to populate fields, allow cascading and connecting to line of business data

Dynamic generation of tasks – for each ticket type a subset of tasks was required depending on selections, this was further complicated by the need to create new tasks when tickets were edited based on changes.  The team created a JSON Object matrix per ticket to deal with this complexity, and generated tasks via the REST API rather than relying on a cumbersome workflow with multiple IF statements.

Return On Investment (ROI).

Due to the successful deployment of the workbenches, misunderstandings between parties was resolved and projects could finished sooner. GTconsult provided consistent help to AUL when needed.

Thoughts on GT

"Working with the GTconsult team has been easy and productive.

African Unity

GTconsult Team Quotes

“Working with the African Unity is always an enjoyable engagement. Their project stakeholders are concise in their business desires and this is good for us when it comes to identifying our technical design. Both Leone and Francois were key players in ensuring project governance was followed in respect to, achieving challenging obstacles as well keeping the teams aligned in an effort to successfully deliver a unique Group Schemes Workbench.”

–  Justin Keeble, Project Manager, GTconsult

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